Sawyer, The Beaches, & The Aces: Houston, TX 2021

Sawyer, The Beaches, & The Aces @ Warehouse Live in Houston, TX on December 17th, 2021

Review and photography by Vanessa Umanzor

Nothing like a good show on a Friday night. The Aces played their first show in Texas of their Under My Influence tour in Houston at The Studio in Warehouse Live. Fantastically, they delivered a thrilling performance that featured two amazing opening acts, Sawyer and The Beaches, followed by a jam-packed set flooded by lights, strobes, and a small stage setup that suited the band well.

The evening started like the newest hotspot with a young crowd mingling. Then at 9 pm, Sawyer opened up. The Indie pop duo seems to have a taste for rock music as well as they swayed effortlessly and playfully around the stage with their guitars. Next up was The Beaches. These women swelled with talent as well. Not only did they play guitar, but they shredded. It was a quality performance I hadn’t seen in a very long time. Their voices. Simply electrifying. The drums. Intoxicating. They were ear candy and a wonderful sight to behold all at the same time. Topped with the coolest outfits that night. Skirts and sparkles. Please know they rocked out in their wardrobe. Dancing and headbanging while expertly flying their fingers up and down the fretboard, like veterans accustomed to selling out shows.

The Aces worked some magic taking it to a whole new level when it comes to live music. It felt like they didn’t slow down for one second. Love songs take on a whole new life thanks to their darling stage presence. Quite simply, a sheer display of pure showmanship combined with fiery talent when playing. They began their set with “Can You Do” the 5th track off their latest album Under My Influence (released on July 17, 2021), a pretty entrancing track. Rightfully, The Aces filled much of their time on stage with tracks off the newest album, a diverse set of songs that fully showcases vocals and extraordinary proficiency in music writing. Just listen to “Kelly” and “801”. Then “All Mean Nothing ” and “Going Home”. The Aces touch your heart with heartfelt tracks. From the moody “I Can Break Your Heart Too” and “Not Enough” to any of the scream-singing (and probably crying) inducing tunes. Especially, passionate “Thought of You” and “Lost Angeles”.

I first heard of The Aces back in 2017 and they came with rave reviews. So when I heard they were coming to town I knew I had to see them for myself. Now, after Friday’s show, The Aces have sealed a new audio experience that now emanates from their records. You probably won’t fully get it until you hear these human beings from Provo, Utah, live and in vivid motion.

Sawyer | The Beaches | The Aces


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