Knuckle Puck @ The TLA, Philadelphia, PA

Knuckle Puck made their stop in Philadelphia, PA on March 9th, alongside Hot Mulligan, Meet Me @ The Altar and Anxious.  With live music being back in full swing, fans are eager to be at the show all night – arriving early to see all the night has to offer.  Anxious kicked off the show with their fun, and energetic set, getting the crowd riled up.  Meet Me @ The Altar took the stage next, having everyone jumping and singing along to a cover mash up old emo songs we all know and love.  They’re ones to watch – taking the industry by storm and quickly gaining new fans daily.

Much loved Hot Mulligan stepped out and fans took no hesitation in getting people in the air to crowd surf.  Those guys always amp everyone up with their stage presence and interacting with the fans.  After many great opening bands, Knuckle Puck took the stage and played a mix of new and old favorites, and there was not a dull moment in the show (or crowd).  Everywhere I looked there were people moshing, dancing, and singing (screaming) the lyrics, simply enjoying the music that means so much to them.  Ending the set with ‘Untitled’ before playing their encore, everyone in that room screamed with excitement as those first few notes rang out.

The tour has a few more stops to hit, if they’re coming to a city near you don’t hesitate to grab a ticket!

Knuckle Puck | Hot Mulligan | Meet Me @ The Altar | Anxious

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