Yung Bae, Madeon: Toronto, Canada 2022

Yung Bae, Madeon @ HISTORY in Toronto, Canada on March 10th 2022

Review and photography by Mohamad Agha

After another long break away from concerts in Toronto, things finally picked back up in the city. On March 10th, Madeon and his Good Faith Forever tour passed through accompanied by Yung Bae, who started off the evening by getting the fans absolutely hyped up for Madeon. Starting at 8PM, his set included remixes of classic songs such as CHIC’s “Le Freak”, as well as music from his newly released album Groove Continental: Side A which includes songs like “Straight Up Relaxin'” featuring Cosmo’s Midnight, “Exotica by Bae”, and “There It Is”. His set was full of moments that got the crowd absolutely hyped up and ready to vibe.

Soon after, Madeon’s equipment began to light up and the overpowering cheers of the crowd were deafening as their excitement built up for what was surely an incredible evening. Emerging in an all black ensemble with a dark coat and hat, the crowd instantly erupted in cheers. The LED screen behind him began projecting images all throughout the evening that lit up the entire venue. His set included songs from his newest album release Good Faith like “Dream Dream Dream”, “Nirvana” as well as singles like his popular collaboration with fellow DJ, Porter Robinson, “Shelter”. Overall, the crowd was releasing months of energy into the show and was definitely a great way to end off the week. His energy on stage was compounded by the crowd and their dancing, screaming, and some people just straight up enjoying seeing their favorite artist in such a crazy time.

The tour has a bunch more stops in the United States and will even be at Ultra Music Festival and Coachella, so if you’re interested in going to a Madeon show, don’t hesitate and make sure to grab tickets!

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