Underoath @ Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ 3/20/22

Long time heavy hitters, Underoath, took Starland Ballroom by storm on March 20th, when they stopped there for their Voyeurist Tour. Along side them were performances from Spiritbox, Bad Omens and Stray from the Path.  Before the first band went onstage, the venue was packed out, waiting to hear music they love.

Stray from the Path kicked off the night ready to amp up everyone with their high energy, crowd engaging set.  By the time their set finished the fans were ready for the rest of the night.  Bad Omens came on next, and with no surprise, put on a great performance.  Playing a variety of songs from their latest album, The Death of Peace of Mind, and their previous release, Finding God Before God Finds me, kept everyone moving and screaming the lyrics back.  Little did everyone know, Spiritbox had a special surprise in store for their set.  About halfway through, they had a guest vocalist, Will Ramos of Lorna Shore, come out and perform Holy Roller.  EVERYONE went wild during that.

Finally it was the moment everyone had been waiting for, Underoath was up next. But before they came onstage, there was a masked man encouraging the crowd to be present in the moment, to be aware of the people around them and to have a great time, and they did just that.  Fans crowd surfed, screamed and danced along the entire night.  There was never a dull moment, Underoath played old favorites like, A Boy Brushed Red in Black and White, and the crowd went WILD.  They still have a few dates left on the tour, if they didn’t hit your city yet, make sure to head out to the show!

Underoath | Spiritbox | Bad Omens | Stray from the Path

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