Babygirl, Mimi Webb, Tate McRae @ The Danforth Music Hall: Toronto, Canada 2022

Babygirl, Mimi Webb, Tate McRae @ The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Canada

Review and photography by Mohamad Agha

On April 4th, Tate McRae made her tour stop in Toronto supported by duo Babygirl and UK singer Mimi Webb. Fans were lining up across the whole street as they waited and the venue was packed to the brim, waiting to see Tate perform and they began chanting Tate’s name in anticipation as they waited for the show to start!

Starting off the night, Babygirl took the stage and sang songs such as “I Wish I Never Met You” and “You Were In My Dream Last Night” and it was ethereal. The crowd definitely enjoyed “You Were In My Dream Last Night” as everyone pulled out their phones and turned on their flashlights to . Shortly afterwards, Mimi Webb took to the stage, accompanied by her touring band and a large neon sign with her name on it. Her set included songs from her debut album Seven Shades of Heartbreak such as “24/5”, “Dumb Love”, and “Little Bit Louder” as well as singles such as “Before I Go”, and the crowd was going wild during her set as she bounced around the stage from left to right and her energy was infectious. The fans began to sing along to her songs and this was the perfect way to get them all hyped up for Tate’s set, which was happening shortly.

Once Mimi’s incredible set ended, it was time for the star of the night. There was so much excitement and anticipation in the air, and the fans had been looking forward to this all night. For what seemed like forever, the chanting fans were calling for Tate, and the energy was palpable. As she emerged onto the stage the screams of the fans was incredible, and their excitement could definitely be felt and heard. Accompanied by two backup dancers on either side and with a sign that read “T8”, she came out dancing and singing “stupid”, off her 2020 EP all the things I never said. Her stage presence was incredible to watch as she took over the venue and the fans were enjoying every second of seeing her perform. In addition to “stupid”, her set included songs like “r u ok”, “all my friends are fake”, and even a cover of The Script’s popular song, “Breakeven”. She also ended the set with one of her most famous songs, “you broke me first” which was a great way to end off an incredible evening full of energy and excitement.

Tate’s tour still has a bunch more stops in the United States for the rest of April and will even go to Europe starting in May, so if you’re interested in seeing Tate live make sure to grab tickets, you definitely won’t regret it!

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