Veracious is a music magazine based in San Francisco, California where its goal is to represent the truth of artists’ lives and to get an inside scoop of behind the scenes crew’s job on the road. We accommodate reviews, live photo galleries, interviews, photo shoots, and video premieres.

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Meet the Editorial Staff:

Founder, Editor-in-Chief: Samantha Toy

Senior Editor: Mya Hamilton

Photographers: Alan Cruz, Alexandra Schnell, Angela Smith, Brett Prendergast, Bryony Murch, Carly Young, Cassidy O’Hara, Dana Hope, Dan Landsburgh, Daaron Donohue, Emily Freya, Emma Silverstone, Guy Hurst, Ian Enger, Jake Lemoine, Jenna Whalen, Jetsper Cubos, Juan Badillo, Kailey Sullivan, Kristen Zarra, Lindsey Dadourian, Liv Rook, Lulu Dawson, Marie Newby, Marisela Delgado, Marisela Morales, Mary Perez, Martha Segovia, Megan Arnold, Michael Cottone, Mohamad Agha, Rebecca Marshall, Rebekah Witt, Robert Alleyne, Romy Timmermanns, Sethen Sheehan-Lee, TJ Martinez, Tori Collene, Valerie McIntyre, Valerie Rudland, Vanessa Umanzor, Zachary Sanders

Playlist Curator: TJ Martinez

Copy Editor: Mary Perez

Graphic Designer: Romy Timmermanns

Social Media: Carly Young, Cassidy O’Hara, Daaron Donohue, Jetsper Cubos, Juan Badillo, Rebekah Witt

Writers: Carly Young, Daaron Donohue, Doug Kranitz, Emily Galzerano, Fabio Júlio Martins, Mackenzie Mason, Martha Segovia, Michael Cottone, Pavlena Todorova


*Names who aren’t listed on this page are NOT affiliated Veracious Magazine. Above are all current members of this publication as of April 11, 2019*