Previously known as Veracious Media, we have morphed into an online and print magazine that is based out of San Francisco, California. With a talented group of contributors worldwide, our goal is represent the truth of our artists’ and behind the scenes tour crews’ daily lives on the road. We accommodate any reviews, photo galleries, interviews, photo shoots, video premieres, and more!

Founder, Editor-in-Chief: Samantha Toy

Managing Editor: Anna Toy

Senior Editor: Maria Reynon

Photographers: Aaron Eck, Aili Hauptmann, Alba de Dios Negre, Alexandra Schnell, Alexis Gonzales, Ariel Gold, Autumn Cantrell, Brittaney Penney, Callum Ludlow, Cassidy O’Hara, Charlie Delahunt, Christopher Reynoso, Dana Hope, Dan Landsburgh, Dylan Villarreal, Edfil Dulay, Emily Pringle, Emily Veillette, Erik Sosa, Flavio Gasperini, Ian Enger, Janine Raycraft, Jess Dooley, Jessica Piochon, Joey Rushfield, Jordan McGill, Kelsey Boeing, Kristen Zarra, Leeza Gomez, Lauren Taylor, Laurel Dernbach, Luxicon Photography, Mackenzie Bearup, Marie Newby, Marisela Morales, Marissa Lujan, Sam Elias, Tamara Watts, Taylor Leigh

Writers: Christina Mahachek, Grace Dearing, Olga Sawicki, Pavlena Todorova

Interviewers: Alessandro Mascellino, Gabriel Dufour, Grace Dearing, Pavlena Todorova

Videographers: Gabriel Dufour, Matt Chapa

Playlist Curator: Tiffany Martinez